Case Study: UMC Elder Care

United Methodist Communities (UMC) is a leading provider of elder care and senior living services, with 1000+ staff across 9 locations in New Jersey.

A client since 2016, UMC uses QualifiedChat 24/7 live chat agents to aid customer acquisition, and streamline the servicing of existing residents. QualifiedChat analyzed 12 months of UMC’s Live Chat data to find actionable insights and help refine their online marketing efforts.

QualifiedChat is an integral part of our business strategy. It allows website visitors to easily connect with us, and delivers a better overall experience. One benefit really stands out — QualifiedChat handles inquiries 24/7, providing excellent customer service even when our offices are closed. Roberta K. Voloshin
Corporate Director of Marketing & Communications
United Methodist Communities

Insight & Recommendations

46% of Leads sent After Hours

QualifiedChat confirmed that 46% of sales leads were sent outside of regular work hours. Our live agents engaged visitors with chat before they have a chance to leave the website.

194 Hours of Chat Managed

QualifiedChat handled 194 hours of live chat over the 12-month period. Of this, 89 hours were outside of regular office hours, allowing UMC to increase staffing without increasing staff.

80% of Leads Sent by Family Members

80% of the live chat leads received by UMC were from a family member, rather than a person looking for services themselves. QualifiedChat recommended updating marketing messages to reflect this.

63% of Leads Classified as Sales

While 63% of leads were sent as sales, 37% of the live chat leads handled by QualifiedChat were classified as
 “non-sales”, and sent at no charge. For these, QualifiedChat recommended having FAQ links in the chat script to aid visitor flow.

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