Why Customers Chat

Along with the advances in technology, the demand for instant information has increased. Customers are no longer satisfied with sending their questions through emails and waiting for the answer. They are tired of calling businesses only to be put on hold while being told by a recording, “Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line.” When it is available, clients are now using live chat for quicker and more satisfying customer service results.

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To Chat, or Not to Chat?: That is the Question

To paraphrase the famous statement, "To be, or not to be," uttered by Hamlet, a character in Shakespeare’s play of the same name, business and professional practice owners are faced with the question: "To chat, or not to chat." There are pros and cons and the only one who can make the ultimate decision is you. Even though most chat companies provide you a free trial period, in order to make that time effective and learn the most about whether chat is for you in the long-term, ask yourself some questions about what doing it right means to you and your unique business situation.

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What We Do

We turn your web visitors into clients with a chat. We connect with prospects on a personal level and immediately make them feel at ease. We chat for businesses all day – every day. It's what we do. Read More