Measure results with Facebook Pixel

If you use Facebook Pixel for reporting your visitors actions, it can be extended to also show QualifiedChat initial Chats, and subsequent Leads from those Chats.


Step 1: Provide us with your Facebook Account Code

To ensure that Chats and Leads are properly attributed, please provide us with your Facebook Account #. This is the number associated with your Facebook Ads account, and used as part of the Pixel tracking code on your website.

Step 2: Setup Custom Conversion based on Chats and Leads for Facebook Pixel

  1. Navigate to your Pixel in Facebook
  2. Click the “Create Custom Conversion” button, at the top right of the page.
  3. a) Select the Chat event.
    b) Give it the name, “Chats”
    c) Category is going to be “Other”
    d) Click Create, then click Done.
  4. Click the “Create Custom Conversion” button again.
  5. a) Select the Lead event.
    b) Add /Pages/Chat.aspx to Rule 1.
    c) Give it the name, “ChatsToLeads”
    d) Click Create, then click Done.

You can find the custom conversions by going to the second tab called “Custom Conversions”.

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