Understanding the QualifiedChat Code Snippet

To activate chat on your website, a small snippet of JavaScript code needs to be installed on every page.

After your account has been provisioned, your QualifiedChat customer care manager will email you a custom code snippet. Send the snippet to your web developer, or if you have access, you can install it yourself. The snippet will look similar to:

<script src="//qualifiedchat.net/scripts/invitation.ashx?company=CompanyID" async></script>

(The CompanyID highlighted in red will be replaced with an ID unique to your company.)

To install the code, make a backup of your website, and paste the complete snippet just above the ending </body> tag. We recommend you add the code to all pages; however at a minimum it should be added to key pages like the home page, any landing pages, and the contact page. Also, if you have a mobile website that is separate to your main site, make sure to install the same snippet on that – our Chat Invitation will automatically adapt for smartphone visitors.

If everything is installed correctly, you should see the Chat Invitation window floating on the bottom right of your website. If you don’t see the window, refresh the page to make sure you aren’t looking at a cached version.

For the technically minded, the snippet uses the HTML5 asynchronous loading functionality found in modern web browsers, ensuring that the rest of your website will not stop and wait for the Chat Invitation window to load.

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