Chat is a Game Changer: Are You In?

QualifiedChat is a Game Changer!Visit Google and search for "Chat is a Game Changer" and you will get more than 17 million hits. Why is that? The answer is easy: Because chat is a game changer!

Businesses, whether retail stores or professional practices, are finding the addition of live chat to their website is a game changer in that customers and clients are more satisfied and appreciate the personal and prompt service. Not only do they keep coming back, they refer their friends and acquaintances to you to use your services. There are several ways in which live chat is a "game changer" for the way in which business is now being conducted.

Live Chat Provides Real Time Support

If you have a professional practice, there are likely multiple visitors every day to your site who are interested in learning more about what services you provide and are looking for a place to land. Initiating a live chat makes the web visitor welcome and comfortable. Although there may be legal limits about what can be discussed, when web surfers engage in a chat, they feel as though they have found their home base and are likely to quit looking around for competitor’s sites.

For contractors, live chat for current clients gives them a quick way to ask questions and leave you messages without having to wait for emails to go back and forth or to phone in and be met with, "If you have a question about your current project, press one." Contact with a real person through live chat assuages the potential frustration of a current client. For new clients who are looking to engage your services, being able to chat in real time and having questions immediately answered is the preferred means of communication of nearly 80 percent of all web visitors.

Live Chat Keeps Your Business Competitive

Businesses all around the world are reaping the benefits of live chat. In order to stay competitive, and provide consumers the tool they are looking for when they visit your website, you need to up your game and add live chat customer support. You do not want people skipping past your website and moving on to another one that has this service that customers and clients are now looking for.

Live Chat Provides Analytical Studies and Market Research

You can review the chat transcripts and identify the types of questions most clients ask and the information they are looking for. This gives you the opportunity to provide better answers to often asked questions and to direct web visitors to the information they are looking for.

When clients are satisfied with the prompt communication they have via live chat, they will have confidence in your services and want to pursue a professional relationship when they know someone will always be available with whom they can interact.

With all these benefits, and many others not listed, your answer to the question, "Are you in?" should be a resounding, "Yes!"

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