Chat Will Change Your Business

American Express recently published the results of a survey* confirming that nearly 40 percent of consumers believe the companies they deal with do not meet their customer service needs. Only five percent say they have experienced customer service that exceeds their expectations. Good customer service drives business with more than two-thirds of those surveyed saying they spent more money with companies that provide good customer service than they would have spent otherwise.

Of those surveyed, 86 percent said the primary reason they rate a company as providing excellent customer service is if they had their questions answered promptly by knowledgeable representatives. One way to push your company into one that exceeds the expectations of consumers, thereby increasing client satisfaction, repeat client business and recommendations from clients sending new clients your way, is to add live chat to your website.

How Live Chat Will Change Your Business

  • Increase in client satisfaction. Clients interact in real time and have their questions promptly answered. The convenience of finding the information they need without having to click on various icons or a cumbersome contact process that will answer their questions sometime in the future is what brings them back to your business again and again as satisfied clients.
  • Development of new clients. When clients are satisfied and happy with your service, they are more likely to tell others about you which will increase your client base.
  • Quicker problem resolution saves business and client time. Problems are solved efficiently when clients have their questions answered in real time conversations with company representatives. This saves company time and increases client satisfaction which increases client base when satisfied clients refer new clients. The circle continues with each satisfied client.
  • It is a cost-efficient method of problem-solving. Since live chat generally increases customer satisfaction and repeat business, when clients discover quickly the service and answers they are looking for, it saves you money you would need to spend on cumbersome returning of calls, answering emails and employing extra staff to deal with customer service issues that can be dealt with immediately and efficiently with live chat.
  • Transcripts of live chats provide valuable feedback. Transcripts of all conversations provide you with feedback so you discover what questions are commonly asked and learn how to improve the quality of the answers.

Live chat is one way to give your business an edge over others. When clients can interact with your knowledgeable representative in a positive way and get their questions answered immediately, it gives them confidence that they are dealing with true professionals. They feel they can trust your business. They will come back to you and refer others.

*American Express 2014 Global Customer Service Barometer

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