Supercharge your Call to Action (CTA) with Live Chat

Call to Action ExampleEnhance your landing pages and help improve visitor conversion by embedding 24/7 live chat agents directly into the “Call to Action” elements on your website.

QualifiedChat has code snippets that allow you to bypass the general Chat Invitation window (that you see appearing in the bottom right of this page), and replace it with specific graphic, button and text links.

The most common use for this would be a graphic element that highlights what you would like the visitor to do. In the example shown here, the image is compelling the visitor to click and talk with a live agent.

You may also have a text link that suggests:

Live agents are available to chat now

Or a button with a strong Call to Action:

Questions? Talk With Us Now!

When the visitor clicks any of the Call to Action elements, the QualifiedChat Chat Window will appear as a popup.

For the technically minded, a small snippet of JavaScript code is added to a hyperlink, which calls the QualifiedChat Chat Window. An example for the text link above would be:

<p><a onclick="';requestedAgentId=25&amp;originalReferrer='+document.referrer+'&amp;referrer='+window.location.href,'','width=440,height=680');"href="#">Live agents are available to chat now</a></p>

(The CompanyID highlighted in red will be replaced with an ID unique to your company.)

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